After years of long service every employee deserves a stunning and classy retirement caricature. If only to remember their years of work with affection and fun. A gift from the company that says ‘thank you’ and shows how much they were appreciated for the hard work and great service they gave is always well received and cherished. At Caricatures and Portraits we create complementary and fun retirement caricatures from photos. We make the process as simple and hassle free as possible too. All you need to do is to supply us a smiling hi-res picture of the person and any scenario you want them to appear in. We will check the quality of the photo to make sure we can work from it. If you are not sure what to do for the scenario, I have lots of great ideas we can chat through.

That is all you have to do, everything else is taken care of.


Get the framing done with us too!

Our retirement caricatures can be delivered as a hi-res jpeg file, a hi-quality print or framed and delivered ready to be presented. We use an online framing company and have found a frame and mount that looks great with our caricature prints. The style we choose is gold/silver brushed flat faced frame in wood and a white/cream card mount. It looks great! Included is the hanging string, pins and hook. Plus ultra clear perspex not glass. We just need 2 weeks to arrange that so please keep that is mind.


We have many satisfied clients

I have produced numerous retirement caricature paintings from photos over the years. Many of them have been for many different types of companies and organisations. My caricatures from photos are always complementary and colourful and the likenesses are superb so happy clients have sent me some great feedback. Some of our clients for the caricatures from photos have included: Clyde Blowers, Permira, Investec, Cla Val UK, Manpower and many more. Our customers are local and international too.


The process to get your retirement caricature created

Once we have the picture of the person and the scenario has been agreed a rough sketch is drawn then sent to you for approval. Once payment is received the caricature is finished. The caricatures are hand drawn in pen. The line drawing is scanned then painted in photoshop. I create the caricatures in A4 and A2 but mostly A3, which seems to be the most popular size. The finished caricature is delivered.

For more information on our caricatures from photos please click here. If you are interested in commissioning a retirement caricature please contact Paul by email