Three events covered

I have had an eventful few days last week drawing as a Charity Event caricaturist; in all, 4 different bookings. Thursday night saw me at a gentleman’s dinner in Rochester at The Castle Club. I drew the attendees over dinner. Guests were mostly doctors, surgeons and surveyors and of course all male – except for the lovely staff.

There were some great stories, as I draw I like to chat to my sitters. A doctor remembering his days playing for Scotland’s seconds at international Rugby. His brother an Orthopedic Surgeon, now a sculptor, asking my advice on drawing for his life drawing classes he is attending. Great speeches and a lovely meal for me which was very kindly provided. I even signed the visitors book with my name just below Boris Johnson’s, the Mayor of London. Somehow and without thinking, I signed it an extra line down. Funny, must have been my subconscious that put in the space!

A charity event caricaturist at The Spa Hotel

Friday I attended my accountants Charity Lunch in Tunbridge Wells at The Spa Hotel. I even managed to get a client who now wants me to draw some line drawings for a new product he is developing and possible graphics work too! It is great  when I get cross over from my services like that. I would have thought it should happen more, but doesn’t, which is surprising! Here is the feedback I received from the lunch from my accountants at Lakeview. “Thank you so much for coming, everyone has said how great you were.” and “Your drawings were brilliant and they really helped the atmosphere.” Ahh – many thanks! They managed to raise about £5,000 for 2 charities which was amazing. I find it is always special to be a part of an Event with charities involved. I was out-bid on the signed England Rugby shirt – another time!.

The Saturday had two events

Saturday I had 2 events. A 75th Party in the afternoon and a wedding in the evening. The Party was in Beckenham and the Wedding at the Gore Hotel in Kensington. So I had to do a bit of running around to get to both, be on time and ready to draw! Phew, made for an interesting day and I met some lovely people! A dancer from Morocco, a trainee fireman, a lot of students, a Kenyan lady who was in remission from cancer – her husband and lots of others.

At the wedding, part of my booking was to draw the guests whilst at the dinner table. The lighting was not very good, which makes it harder for me and I have to admit this isn’t my favourite part of drawing at any Event, furthermore it makes it very challenging. People are moving and you are at a distance so I find I move into more of a cartoon mode. What I find I am doing more in these situations is to spot if someone looks Elvis-like or Viking-like or has a certain look I can relate them to a cartoon character! So someone received a very nice Dracula drawing that looked exactly like them, created a big laugh. It might even have given them an idea for their next fancy dress party costume.

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