An unhappy couples caricaturist

Drawing couples is a popular request for me at weddings and events so I needed to find a way to be a happy and confident couples caricaturist, which to date, I have not been. Until recently I had only been comfortable drawing single sitters. I had struggled a bit when ask to draw couples, as my style works best where I have lots room on an A3 sheet of paper to fit everything in with a single sitter. When I tried to fit in two people the resulting drawing looked cramped. This made me feel uncomfortable. You have to also make the two heads smaller by scaling them down. It’s all a bit tricky!

“Can you draw couples?” excited guests would ask while clutching their partners hands. “Yes” I would say in a slightly sheepish manner. “Sit down please” gesturing. Then I would continue drawing each person and fit them as best I could onto the A3 sheet. I was never happy with the drawing, even though the couples I had drawn were delighted. So I needed to find a solution that I was happy with, after all, I am doing this caricaturist gig for my satisfaction and enjoyment too.

The right equipment for a couples caricaturist

I must admit that after being very dissatisfied and frustrated with this problem I had a simple eureka moment. “Use an A2 pad” I said to myself. So I searched the shelves at my favourite art shop in Soho – Cass Art. I needed the A2 version, with the same paper weight as the A3 pads I had been using before – the 70gsm Marker Pad with 45 sheets. I couldn’t see it, so I asked a shop assistant just to make sure. “Unfortunately sir, we don’t stock the A2 size in the marker pad at that paper weight” the shop assistant told me. “What about the 45gsm?” he said enquiringly. I had already spotted that but the paper was too thin, I really couldn’t go any lighter. What should I do?

It’s always exciting to try something new

As a couples caricaturist I often found I had to get my thinking cap on and really try to make the best of an unsatisfactory situation. “What about using a cartridge paper at A2 size” I said to myself, the weight of paper would be thicker too. So I left the shop with new pens, an A2 120gsm Cartridge Pad, with a paper that had a smooth surface, and some other various required equipment. I was ready to try out the new technique and materials at my next event this coming weekend.

At the next event when asked again “Do you draw couples mate?” by a hopeful guest. I could answer, with more confidence than before “Yes I do”, as I had a cunning plan up my sleeve. “And look . . . I have an extra large special pad to draw you both on with” said with a beaming and confident smile. Their eyes lit up and big smiles spread across their faces too. I suddenly realised ‘big is better’. A positive reaction I wasn’t expecting I must admit from the first couple I drew on an A2 sheet of paper.

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