Caricaturist at the best venues

I received an enquiry from my agent at Alive Network for a booking at a prestigious London Hotel (a Claridges wedding). This is always reason for anticipation and excitement. As a result this one was no exception. I must admit, part of the fun and enjoyment as a caricaturist is the venues I visit. Blenheim Palace, Stowe School, Sandhurst Academy to name a few. Discovering many tucked away venues in the middle of the countryside down winding country lanes is a joy!

On Friday 24th October I got the train to London. I went a bit earlier so I could go for a meal (well, I might as well make an evening of it!). A steak at Bill’s in Soho was my choice this time near to my usual favourite Wagamama. The walk from Bill’s to Mayfair is short. After dropping in at the Apple Store I meandered down George V Street to find Claridges. Nodding to the door men as I entered. Wow, very splendid indeed the opulence was impressive, a marble lobby and sumptuous reception  – this is going to be a treat!

The Claridges Wedding

The Claridges wedding was down a white marble lined corridor. Off to the left from the reception it was mirrored all the way. Some would say I had arrived (well above my station in life). I had been placed at the end of the corridor in a quiet spot just outside the disco – perfect! I was asked before I was booked to provide a sample drawing from a photo of the Bride and Groom. This was to check my style I suppose. They had this enlarged and sitting beautifully on an easel with a candle either side. It looked great!. The light here was good and the chairs comfortable, I was ready!

I had a little wait, which is not unusual at weddings as very often they are running a bit late. It wasn’t long though before I met the Bride and Groom and began drawing the guests. For the best results drawing one person on an A3 sheet and with them sitting in front my me is much preferred. Once drawn, everyone kept their own drawing and then if they want to be in one picture with their boyfriend, wife or sibling they can get them scanned and create the composition as they prefer. Consequently due to requests I also use a A2 pad now for couples.

Guests love watching too

The groom was very complimentary and enthusiastic about my drawings, he watched me most of the night, as a result he clearly loved what I did. 50% of my service is entertainment after all. Maybe something that is easily forgotten when the booking negotiations take place. I was paid to stay an extra hour, given an absolutely delicious glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and met and drew some lovely family sitters. I have the best job in the world!

Worth noting

I left having had a memorable visit where I had been in the same space filled by some of the most notable and greats of history. Winston Churchill was a regular visitor. Whilst at Claridges you do get a real sense of filling the space where some famous and great people have been. I love the idea of this. When you meet someone famous or even see them you are then connected to the people they know in some way. I saw Len Goodman from Strictly Come Dancing driving out of a drive in a Kent village yesterday. Therefore that connects me to lots of people from the show. A magic thought!

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